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Things you need to know before pursuing higher education in Bangalore

Ever wondered why such huge students prefer Bangalore (Bangaluru) for their higher education? I began to think about it when I observed the same pattern in my friend circle. So what exactly is the reason behind this? Now let’s see what the city has to offer to students in this article.

Bangalore: The Garden City of India 

How about a nice walk in the green parks after a long day at classes? Bangalore is famous for its lush green gardens, broad streets and beautiful parks. The city also offers a moderate climate due to its higher elevation. So forget about getting tan under the sun. 

Is this feeling of being left out in this big city bothering you? Bangalore is home to thousands of people from all walks of life. The population here is highly heterogeneous and there is a high probability of meeting a person who you already know also, it is relatively easy to blend in here. Because of these reasons, Bangalore is welcoming in nature to all students for higher education. You can see a mix of cultures in the same place residing peacefully. Also, the city is always up to date with the latest technologies because of all these reasons. It has adapted well enough to accommodate and serve people from outside as per their requirements. You can easily find a place to reside, food of your choice, and most importantly career of your choice. 

Second fastest-growing major metropolis in India

It is such an established educational hub that it is difficult to turn a blind eye while selecting a destination for pursuing higher education. It certainly has an unmistakable academic air because it is home to many educational research institutions. Also, many Indian technological organisations have established in the city. Because of this, the major population consists of qualified professionals and the standard of living is high. It is one of the reasons why the city is growing as one of the popular metropolitans in India for Startups.

There are a lot of popular colleges and universities in Bangalore for your higher education. Since Bangalore is an IT –hub, most of the popular career path students choose are technical to study in colleges and get placed in companies nearby. It is a city of opportunities for sure.

Since Bangalore is home to a large variety of organisations, the colleges are diverse too. It has several famous management and engineering institutions. Let it be MBA, BBA, Engineering or any other higher education degree that you are looking for, there are numerous prestigious colleges like IIM Bangalore, Christ University, IIT Bangalore and many more with modern campuses and highest placements. With the growing demands of this world, we all know how important it is to get higher education, due to which people from various corners of the nation are ready to leave their home town and search for a bright future in this city. If you are also planning for your next college, our experts recommend Bangalore as one of the best city for your higher education. Here are top colleges in Bangalore that have displayed achievements over the years:


The list doesn’t stop here, if you are interested we have listed all popular colleges in Bangalore for you at Edusha College Finder. You can also choose to apply for admission to partner colleges from Bangalore and get a scholarship from Edusha.

What about the cost of living?

This is one question that bothers many students while they are choosing a new destination for their higher studies. As stated before this is a student-friendly city and hence you can find products and services most suitable for your budget and pocket friendly. Furthermore, accommodations and food from all cuisine is available all-around city, especially where there are colleges. Living and interacting with highly qualified professionals will help you mould yourself into the best version of yourself.

All these finally contribute to the fact why people prefer doing their higher education in this very city. Also, the colleges in the city get an opportunity to collaborate with these hi-tech organisations that placements are relatively higher. That is the chance of getting a job after your studies are very high. Hence we can call Bangalore a student-friendly city.

So if you are a person looking forward to doing your higher studies in Bangalore, there are opportunities that await you. Make sure you don’t miss them out. 

Bangalore is a great place to kick start your career with the help of Edusha Eduversity which provides free consultation to students who want to pursue higher education. Deciding a career is not an easy task but Edusha Eduversity makes it easier with its 360 assistance program. 

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