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MBA is a general term for the postgraduate degree which teaches you best skills of business and management. MBA has been a popular choice for graduates. The reason being it is available to students coming from a diverse educational background. MBA is not limited to a specific stream of graduates or a specific skill set. MBA is colorful, lively and dynamic. It is required by different sectors of a corporation. This is why MBA is highly in demand.

If you have decided to pursue an MBA, you have to work hard to get best skill. One has to know oneself to continue any professional degree. When I chose my professional degree, I had a lot of things to keep in mind. A person should figure out his/her strengths, skill, weaknesses and interests.

MBA offers specializations into many different fields. While figuring out your interests, the question arises of money, salary. A nice stable future is a universal goal. Students work hard so that they can enjoy the necessities and luxuries of life.

In every professional field, there are always a few lines that are preferred more than others. This can be due to multiple reasons. A few of them being:-
1) A higher number of jobs available
2) A common spectrum of interests
3) More jobs available in better localities
4) Guarantee of a stable career
.. and many more socio-economic factors.

Mentioned below are a few of the most popular and best MBA specializations.
General Management
International Management
Finance Leadership
Operation Management
Information Technology

Aside from all these, there are many more choices available. Your choice depends on your aspirations and priorities. For many students, their priority is higher salary. And why not? Money may not buy us happiness but it gives us a medium to be capable. It significantly reduces the feeling of helplessness and sadness. Money makes one powerful and confident. Your hard-earned money might make you satisfied and content with life.
So, here Edusha Eduversity presents to you the list of Top MBA specializations with the highest salary. Before this list, I want to let you know that your passion is of foremost importance.


Every company needs a good marketing manager. A marketing manager helps a company to achieve a new sales record. He/ she is involved in branding the product, doing market research and advertising it. There is always a need for a marketing manager. That’s why it is one of the most sought out career options.

Skills Required
Interpersonal skills: – One needs to be good at handling different social relationships. You need to know your colleagues, staff and seniors well. A person should have a good respective relationship with people working under your guidance.

Communication skills: – As a manager, it is always handy to be good at communication. It is your responsibility to express the views, needs and wants of the market to your company. Good communication skills ensure that everyone is following your vision.

Leadership skills: – A manager needs to be a good leader. If one is guiding people towards a vision, they need to motivate and inspire the people working around them. A good leader taps into the potential of others that helps in personal as well as professional growth.
Teamwork: – A manager needs to be a ‘we’ type. He/ she should manage harmoniously with his/ her group of people to produce a maximum outcome.

Creativity: – Market is always after new things. A manager needs to be creative enough to produce enough curiosity around the product. From branding to advertising, a creative angle can change the game.

Popular Domain of marketing these days:-
Digital marketing

Courses under marketing:-
Market research and planning, analysis techniques for market competition studies
Digital marketing
Market targeting, consumer behavior, consumer relationship management
Nature and culture of markets, the study of market potential
Product development, placement and pricing
Marketing communications, operations research and management.

Types of jobs:-
Marketing manager
Sales manager
Product manager
Brand manager
Asset manager
Digital marketing manager
Media manager and strategist

Salary packages:-
Top MBA Specialization fresher salary packages lie in the range of 4 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs per annum.


MBA in finance teaches the student how to balance the financial sheets, minimize the input and maximize the output to create profit for the company. This helps the company to reach all the specific financial goals. A financial person knows how and when to take the calculated risks and turn them into investments and profits.

Skills Required
Logical reasoning: – For every decision to be taken financial wise, one should be able to analyses all the logics and facts. One must apply logic to make profitable decisions like reduction and expansion.

Problem-solving: – A person should be able to form actionable solutions to everyday problems. Any arising problem should be dealt with precision and understanding.

Mathematical skills: – Math is the base and foundation of finance and accounts. One needs to be good at attending to the numbers. It is a necessity in data management, accounting and financial analysis.

Communication skills- Nowadays, people in finance do not just live confined in a cubicle. They need to be an approachable person and good communicator to understand and meet the needs of the clients.

Popular Domain in finance these days:-
Banking, investment
Accounting, analysis and report
Financial planner and advisor
Certified public accountant

Courses under MBA in finance:-
Investment banking, taxation, tax management
Hedge fund management
International finance, global finance and international market
Small business and corporate finance
Corporate investment management
Portfolio management

Types of jobs:-
Investment banking
Chief finance officer
Treasurer and finance officer
Accounting manager
Insurance and risk manager
Private equity
Financial manager and analysts
Credit managers and analysts

Salary packages:-
Top MBA Specialization fresher, the salary package can lie anywhere between 5 to 40 LPA.
Experienced players can earn a hefty salary of 40 Lakhs to 1 crore per annum.


The human resource department is responsible for the organization, hiring, training and development of employees for the company. It ensures that the employees hired are capable of thriving in the brand of the company and fly with their potential. As a member of the HR team, you’re responsible for maintaining a harmonious relationship in the company.

People of HR oversee all employees’ behavior, health and safety. They assess performances and motivate and manage the employees by providing incentives. Any company heavily depends on its HR department to recruit the best people to match the company brand.

Skills Required
Communication skills: – It is the most crucial skill required to be good in HR. One needs to understand the need of both the employer and the employees for the smooth sailing of the company. They also need to make sure that both parties understand each other’s expectations.
Problem-solving skill: – Between the big parties where there is a lot of pressure and expectations to be met, the problems are inevitable. One should be able to analyses and solve such problems so that everyone emerges as a winner.
Sensitivity and empathy: – It is a great skill to nurture even as a human. When in HR, you should be able to empathize with all the angles of people, their problems, needs, desires and goals. One should be sensitive towards various issues of the workplace and people. One needs to be capable of recognizing the talents and skills in others too so that he/she can hire correctly.
Development and adaptive skills: – One thing is constant and that is the ‘change’. A person in HR should be able to develop and adapt to the changing times. When times change, so do the needs and aspirations of people. One should pick upon the needs of the market, the company and the employees to match every piece perfectly. They also need to impart this skill to the people hired for the company.

Types of jobs:-
HR manager
HR generalist
Employment manager
Director of HR training and development
Technical recruiter
Staffing director
Employees relation manager
Compensation manager
HR consultant

Salary packages:-
Top MBA Specialization Salary can lie near 3-6 LPA for fresher and with experience of a few years can reach up to 25 LPA.


This is the age of digitalization; No one can reach success without mastering in their technology sector. Every company, small or big, depends on its IT sector to spread its vision and get more exposure.
The IT sector handles the technical side of the company and provides automation.

Skills Required
Tech-savvy: – A person should have an interest and aptitude in technology. He/ she should be up to date with the knowledge and expertise of the field. 

Technical skills: – One should hold the knowledge of machines and gadgets. For the smooth functioning of the technology systems, one should be quick and accurate in problem-solving.

Leadership skills: – An IT manager needs to guide their team. He/ she should be respected and trusted by their team. 

Office skills: – Members of the IT department need to be organized and good at time management. They should be detail-oriented with strategic and scheduling skills.

Courses under IT:-
E-supply chain management
New energy technology
Data, big data and data mining
IT entrepreneurship

Types of jobs:-
IT infrastructure and project manager
Digital leader
Data processing manager
Chief technology officer
IT consultant
System analysts
IT architect
Program manager

Salary packages:-
Top MBA Specialization Fresher salary might start as good as 4 lakhs per annum but with experience can increase up to 34 lakhs per annum.


A person with the operations management team is responsible for overseeing all the functions of the company related to its services and products. They ensure the high skill, effectiveness and efficiency of the manufacturing systems of the company. They are the people who run the plans on the ground. They manage the quality of the product with its availability and pricing.
They are the people who maintain the design, production and manufacture of the company’s product. They communicate with all the levels of the company and everything in-between to ensure the entity of the product.

Skills Required
Negotiation skills: – A company has different branches that work together. The operations manager needs to make sure that these branches work harmoniously to work at their best. The need to be an expert in the ‘give and take’ technique so no one feels left out.
Organizational skills: – To be the person who manages every function from top-level to ground, one needs to build exceptional organizational skill. There shouldn’t be chaos or confusion.
Communication skills: – To manage the operations at different levels of the company, one needs to be a good communicator. Open and transparent communication between the levels ensures the originality and quality of the service or product. One needs to be friendly and approachable to ensure that level of communication with everyone.

Courses under Operations management:-
Project management
Total quality management
Supply chain management
Data analysts
Management material
Manufacturing process and strategy
Plant design and layout

Types of jobs:-
Operations manager
Project analyst
Supply chain manager
Quality manager and analyst
Manufacturing consulting manager
Salary packages:-
Top MBA Specialization fresher earn a package of 2.5 to 12 lakh. Experienced professionals can get up to 30 LPA.


Consulting is one of the most sought sectors in MBA. Its best advantage is that it offers flexibility and strengthens personal development. Travelling and exploration come as a bonus. One gets a chance to work with various companies and organizations, public or private. This sector aims at cutting the losses and maximizing the profits. Their focus is not to create a new system but to improve the existing one.

Skills Required
Problem-solving skills: – This is the main skill one needs to master. One should be able to form plans to solve the problems arising. A consultant should work effectively to solve the distress of the client.
Communication skills: – To perform the job perfectly one needs to understand the problems and manage the goals first. For this, the consultant should be a good communicator.
Analytic skills: – A consultant should have economical and structural knowledge. He/ she should have an analytic mind to assess the cause, root and management effects of any problem.
Control and awareness: – Most of the time, A consultant has to work under pressure and time crunch. To provide an effective solution, one needs to be aware of every detail. He/She should be able to manage the situation and work expertly under duress.

Types of jobs:-
Strategy management
Management consultant
Operations consultants
HR consultants
IT consultants
Financial advisory consultant
PR and media consultant

Salary packages:-
An entry-level job can offer you up to 6 LPA and can increase to 24 LPA with experience.


Entrepreneurship is a dynamic between business and financial strategy. This works with new emerging start-ups or with small and medium-sized businesses. This sector of Top MBA requires risk-taking at every level of decision making. One needs to be innovative, in their ideas and plans to make those ideas actionable. You will face many challenges and blocks. One needs to work around those and turn the situation into your profit. He/she has to be creative, needs best skills and think outside the box.
Entrepreneurial management teaches to be crucial in starting and running new small businesses. It teaches you to strive in adversity and shine despite the obstacles.

I hope you have an idea now about various Top specializations of MBA which can earn you the highest salary packages. If ever in doubt or confusion, contact Edusha. Edusha Eduversity will help you solve your problems. Edusha Eduversity will get you to your Top MBA College without much hustle.

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An article by:

Aayushi Roy

Content Creator @ Edusha Eduversity

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